SoundKing Winch Up Stands

Date Posted:11 April 2019 

SoundKing Winch Up Stands main image SoundKing Winch Up Stands image
SoundKing winch up stands are rock solid with their steel construction which ensures durability for pro-quality works.








Winch up Stand - 4.8m high, holds up to 150kg<br>

Winch Up Stand - 4.8m high, holds up to 150kg

This winch-up stand can reach up to 4.8m high and hold up to 150kg. That load capacity allows it to handle many of your rigging, lighting or audio needs. Outriggers on the base add further stability, and the unit's steel construction makes it rugged and durable.








Winchup Stand - 5.5m high, holds up to 180 kg<br>

Winchup Stand - 5.5m high, holds up to 180kg

If you're headed into big lifting territory with your staging needs, this is the next step up.

This unit is designed to handle loads of up to 180kg and can adjust from 1.77m in height to reach up to 5.5m.










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