NEW!! NHP's Concept Panelboards

NEW!! NHP's Concept Panelboards main image NEW!! NHP's Concept Panelboards image

NHP has released their new range of Concept Panelboards! For further information, please see below information from NHP or call us on 02 9319 3133!

NHP is proud to release the highly anticipated range of Concept Panelboards, offering a model to suit just about all applications, from standard configuration to a unique design.


The extensive range not only flaunts a sleek facade with tough paint finish, but ensures enhanced cable management allowing quick and neat installation with plenty of wiring room and implemented damage protection for cables.

With genuine 3rd party tested IP ratings Concept Panelboards offers the protection and performance that is expected from it. The Concept Panelboards have an inbuilt IP2X touch protection to help prevent accidental contact with live conductors with fully shrouded connections between the main switch and busbar chassis. The range has a semi flush swing handle providing different handle locking options for increased vandal resistance. To further improve security the Concept panelboards can suit a wider variety of padlocking solution between the removable hinged escutcheon and a closed door.

NHP's modular and flexible breakthrough range of Concept Panelboards delivers a touch sophistication to your application with the ability of required customisation.

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