Headset, lapel or handheld we have your microphone.

Date Posted:19 November 2019 

Headset, lapel or handheld we have your microphone. main image Headset, lapel or handheld we have your microphone. image

Headset, lapel or handheld we have your microphone


Lapel, condenser, cardioid, wireless, vocal, band, acoustic, PA, headset, dynamic, single, multiple, some of the vocabulary that relates to microphone (there’s much much more, we know). Not everyone is a microphone expert or audio engineer and then there are people who are and know exactly what is wanted or needed. We are here to tell you that we can help you either way and understand that everyone’s requirements are different!

Give Herkes a call if we can help you decide which direction you are looking to for your microphones on 02 9319 3133 we look forward to hearing from you!


<span style="font-size:16px;" class="increase-size"><span style="font-size: 16px; color: rgb(128, 0, 0);" class="decrease-size"><b>Rode M1</b></span></span><br>


Rode M1


Rode M1 Live performance cardioid dynamic microphone.



$199.00 inc


<span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(128, 0, 0);">Sennheiser E935</span><br>


Sennheiser E935


The Sennheiser Evolution E935 is a cardioid vocal stage microphone.



$229.90 inc


<span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(128, 0, 0);">Shure PG57-XLR</span><br>


Shure PG57-XLR


An ideal choice for stage or studio microphone needs.



$119.96 inc



<span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(128, 0, 0);"><span style="font-size:12px;" class="decrease-size"><span style="font-size:16px;" class="increase-size">Audio-Technica ATM</span></span></span><br>


Audio-Technica ATM


Tuned for clear, detailed, extended-range reproduction of lead and backup vocals.



$195.00 inc


<span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(128, 0, 0);">AKG P120</span><br>


AKG P120


The AKG P120 is a 2/3-inch diaphragm true condenser microphone that offers solidly built quality, outstanding performance and excellent value.



$249.00 inc


<span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(128, 0, 0);">Wharfedale DM5S</span><br>


Wharfedale DM5S


Wharfedale Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone DM 5.0s has been developed for real performers and sound engineers who love live, loud music.



$19.95 inc


Rode S1-B<br>


Rode S1-B


Super Cardioid Condenser Black T43 microphone.



$495.00 inc


SHURE 55SH<br>




Elvis microphone delivers a frequency response tailored for speech, vocals, and instrumental music.



$369.00 inc


SHURE SM57<br>




Cardioid dynamic instrument microphone offers clean reproduction of amplified and acoustic instruments.



$229.00 inc


Shure TA4F<br>


Shure TA4F


Earset headworn omnidirectional microphone delivers exceptional speech clarity and enhanced plosive protection with no proximity effect.



$449.00 inc


AKG D5S<br>




The AKG D5S high-performance dynamic vocal microphone delivers powerful sound with active feedback and noise rejection.



$279.00 inc


Shure PG48XLR<br>


Shure PG48XLR


Cardioid vocal microphone delivers excellent sound for spoken word and karaoke applications, and it includes a pouch and choice of XLR or QTR cable.



$75.00 inc



Shure PG81XLR<br>


Shure PG81XLR


The PGA81 cardioid condenser instrument microphone is a professional quality flat-response microphone.



$219.00 inc


<div>Shure WL184</div>



Shure WL184



The WL184 premium supercardioid TQG lavalier microphone brings a new level of sophistication to personal voice reproduction.



$249.00 inc


Rode M3<br>


Rode M3


Rode M3 Studio and location multi-powered cardioid condenser microphone with switchable HPF and PAD.



$199.00 inc




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