Neutrik - Continutity, Innovation and Quality

Date Posted:13 November 2020 

Neutrik - Continutity, Innovation and Quality main image Neutrik - Continutity, Innovation and Quality image
Neutrik, the world leading brand in connectors.

Audio, video, lighting, power, data, industrial and medical connectors. Neutrik is a name that is synonyous with quality, connectors that will last. In the lighting and audio industry, where we have our experience, we know that these connectors and the leads that these connectors are attached to take a beating and some have a very rough albeit normally long life. This is a product that is supported by a company that has core values that allighn with their products, continuity, innovation and quality.

Here at Herkes, we have a large range of both Neutrik connectors and cables on hand. Anything not listed on our site does not mean we dont' have it, so give us a call so we can help you.

NEUTRIK powerCon Connectors - EVE GmbH

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